“It’s great to start the week out clean and balanced!”   ~WG, Front Royal

“I suffered whiplash at the age of 13.  Constant neck pain and limited movement my whole life.  Now, at 32, after one session with Mrs. Kimble, the pain is gone and I have full range of motion!” ~Johnny N., Baltimore, MD

“I had trouble for years with low-energy levels, and after having no luck with traditional medicine, I decided it was time to try something different.  I wanted to go more of a natural way.  That’s when I found Nikki and ‘Pathways to Wellness’.  Within days she turned things around for me and my energy started to soar!  I feel Nikki gave my life back to me.  She shared so much helpful information with me and has made a tremendous difference with very simple suggestions.  I only wish I had found Nikki sooner!”  ~Kitty B., Winchester, VA

“The Ion Cleansing and Nutritional Counseling I have received from Nikki at Pathways to Wellness over the last seven months have become an integral part of my overall health and fitness regimen.  Thank you for providing such an excellent source of health and nutritional care.”  ~Joe S.,  Stephens City, VA

“Nikki is knowledgable, grounded and compassionate.  She is truly committed to her clients’ wellbeing.  Working with Nikki has helped me to maintain equilibrium during some very stressful times.” ~Dawn, New York

“I am a female in my late twenties and my purpose in participating in Ion Cleanse was to be good to my body while I am young so I can have a good body when I am older. I have noticed a greater sense of well-being and less cravings for sugar. Additionally, I haven’t had a serious illness since I started the Ion Cleanse sessions. I attribute this to the sessions as well as other alternative preventative healthcare methods I have begun practicing.”  -Kat B. , Winchester, VA

“I am a woman over 50 who had the unfortunate experience of a complete hysterectomy at age 37. After 14 years of using an estrogen patch, diagnosed fibrocystic disease and thyroid issues, Nikki began working with me with ion cleansing and hormone balancing in my quest for health.  After only 3 months of using “Macapause”, a hormone balancing supplement, and cleansing the body I have been able to stop using estrogen patches. I look forward to continuing the “path to wellness” with Nikki in the future.  She truly has the compassion for health and the compassion for sharing.” Sheryl, Short Gap, WV